General information

Management assistant EFZ International Freight Forwarding Logistics

The forwarding and logistics industry offers the following commercial training:

Basic education

Management Assistant International Freight Forwarding Logistics

Basic training

Businessman*woman EBA

Basic education

Industry qualification for secondary school graduates

For General Information

Apprentices in the forwarding and logistics industry plan and organise transport solutions so that goods from all over the world get from A to B safely, on time and cost-effectively.

They are familiar with the economic conditions in the countries of origin and destination, the international customs regulations and the import and export regulations in Switzerland.

Typical work situations

  • Receive and process international enquiries from customers
  • Advise customers and prepare offers
  • Record, plan and organise transport orders
  • Carrying out feasibility checks and evaluating means of transport
  • Draw up transport documents
  • Securing transport insurance and pre-financing
  • Carry out cost control and invoicing

International freight forwarding logistics in German

Forwarding merchant in German