SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz

Purpose and organisation

SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz was founded under the name Verband Basler Spediteure in 1882 and is thus probably the oldest forwarding association in the world.

History and purpose of the organisation

In this context, Basel has always been of unique strategic importance as a place of safe crossing of the Rhine for transit traffic and helped to create this importance. The north-south axis (Netherlands-Italy) and the west-east axis (Burgundy-Vienna) meet here. Basel had the first cross-border railway in Switzerland (connecting to the French and German railway networks) and the Rhine is navigable as far as Basel. Together with the border location in the triangle of Switzerland/Germany/France, which was so advantageous for trade, this has always given Basel a unique locational advantage for trade and transport. To this day, the prosperity of the city and the region is also based on the earning power of our industry.

SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz is a section of SPEDLOGSWISS, the Association of Swiss Freight Forwarding and Logistics Companies. More than 120 companies are currently affiliated to our association. In all the years of its existence, it has developed into a pure service association, is committed to securing the next generation of professionals and maintains partnership relations with member companies, authorities, schools, politics and friendly associations.

The focus of the association's activities is on basic and further training. In the Basel region, more than a hundred forwarding agents are trained every year. Our association has its own training association where apprentices are trained on a rotational basis in cooperation with various member companies. The future prospects for these professionals are excellent, as the demand for forwarding services is likely to continue to rise in the future in line with Switzerland's economic development.

SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz networks within strategic partnerships with other associations. For example, we are a member of the Basel Chamber of Commerce HKBB and are involved as one of the leading organisations in the sponsorship of the Basel Region Logistics Cluster, the Basel Employers' Association, the Regio Basiliensis Association and the Swiss Transport Hub.

SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz maintains its own office.

Board of Directors

Thomas Knopf President
Ultra-Brag AG

Thomas Herzog Vice President

Vinko Castrogiovanni AIT Worldwide Logistics Switzerland AG

Markus Etter Nauta SA

Tara Fürer Interfracht Speditions AG

Thomas Rüegger Unilogistics AG

Thomas Suter SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz

Jörg Zimmermann Lamprecht Transport AG


SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz
Elisabethenstrasse 44
CH-4051 Basel

Postal address

SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz
P.O. Box
CH-4002 Basel

Benefits of association membership with SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz

SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz supports its members in economic policy and entrepreneurial matters. The association represents the interests of its members vis-à-vis the economic and political environment at regional level.

The association SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz represents the forwarding and logistics industry in Nordwestschweiz. It develops and promotes a positive public image of the forwarding industry, fosters networking between companies and the association and represents the interests of the industry.

SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz is actively committed to promoting young talent and the professional training and further education of the employees of its member companies.

Principles of our activities

SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz supports the free market economy and thus the greatest possible entrepreneurial freedom and autonomy. The members gain added value from its activities.

SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz maintains a relationship of partnership with company members, authorities, other associations, schools, the media and various institutions.

It respects the legal and ethical principles in force in Switzerland, takes care of the financial resources made available to it and uses them in a goal-oriented, efficient and cost-conscious manner.

Logistics cluster Basel region

The joint PPP (Public-Private Partnership) sponsorship by the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft, the industry and business associations and the infrastructure operators Swiss Rhine ports and EuroAirport has proved its worth. SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz has been actively involved in the logistics cluster since the beginning as a member of the sponsoring body. The primary objective of the Basel Region Logistics Cluster, which was set up by the Basel Chamber of Commerce, is to highlight the economic importance of the logistics industry for the region and thus to further strengthen the freight forwarding and logistics location in the Basel region. A long-term basic education system is absolutely central to the success of the industry. In the Logistics Cluster, we can contribute our expertise in this area and use it for our industry.

Partnerships in labour law issues

As a member of the Basel Employers' Association, we are able to support and advise our association members on labour law issues from the employer's perspective. On the employee side, the KV association is our long-standing and reliable social partner. It participates in the development of our professional image and we maintain lively contact with each other.

Final commercial apprenticeship examination 2022

We congratulate our successful apprenticeship graduates on their commercial qualifications.

SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz training association

The SPEDLOGSWISS NNordwestschweiz training association is an association of freight forwarding companies. An apprenticeship with the SPEDLOGSWISS Nordwestschweiz training association offers a lot of variety and in-depth specialist knowledge.