SPEDLOGSWISS Eastern Switzerland

History and purpose of the organisation

What began in 1924 with the founding of the Buchser Freight Forwarders' Association with the ten founding members Schenker & Co, Jos. J. Feinkauf. Feinkauf, Gebrüder Weiss AG, Rothenberger & Co, Gebrüder Gondrand AG, Vetsch & Co, Intercontinentale AG, Weltifurrer AG, Eugen Schuler and Danzas AG, is now SPEDLOGSWISS Eastern Switzerland.

A modern industry association whose main purpose is to ensure the support of member companies in economic and entrepreneurial matters as well as to represent their interests in the business community and with government organisations. SPEDLOGSWISS Eastern Switzerland also aims to strengthen the forwarding and logistics industry in the association's catchment area, both nationally and in the nearby international environment.

Training the next generation of professionals is one of the association's main goals. In cooperation with SPEDLOGSWISS Zurich, it therefore offers young professionals commercial training to become international forwarding logistics specialists.

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